Sunday, July 14, 2024

20 Years of Caring for the Medical Needs of our Region

The Mid North Health Advisory Council recognised 20 years of service provided by Denis Clark of Jamestown, at a surprise plaque presentation on the evening of Friday 22nd December..

The former mayor and current Northern Areas Council councillor was also presented with a parliamentary medal by Member for Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP. 

Mr Clark was the local government nominee for the health advisory council in its various guises – starting out on the Jamestown Hospital board, then as the Mid North Regional Health Board, and the Mid North Health Advisory Council (MNHAC) since 2008.

Presiding member of the MNHAC Steve Richmond said Mr Clark had been instrumental in providing a conduit between local government and the MNHAC and had successfully worked behind the scenes to help improve health services for Mid North residents.

“Twenty years is a long time to be an active member of a committee,” Mr Richmond said.

“Denis was at almost all meetings, was always willing to have a chat anytime I needed to ring for advice, assisted in the establishment of the Mid North Suicide Prevention Network, lobbied for rural counsellors during the drought, assisted when we hosted the community cabinet gathering locally and also teed up the Governor’s visit to Jamestown.

“He was involved in a lot of background work, making connections and ensuring information was shared.”

Mr Clark has now retired from his role on the MNHAC.

Four nominations from local councils were received to fill his position, with a preferential vote conducted and Kathy Bowman from the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton elected to the role. ‘Courtesy Plains Producer’

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