Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A New Face, a New Leader, but the same great educational service at JCS 

Hello everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as not only the new principal of Jamestown Community School but as someone you are likely to see around the place on many various occasions also, so please make sure you say hi! 

I’m Kelly Zwar and am extremely excited to start at JCS this year as principal, and to see where this journey will take us all. I am public education and country education proud and am looking forward to being a part of secondary schooling once again. 

I’m married to Peter and live on a farm northeast of Laura. To be fair, I’m not a great farmers wife (I have no idea how much land we have) but after 18 years we seem to be able to make it all work (with much credit to him). I love living on a farm. I love that our children have space to ride motorbikes, look after our 3 pet cats and 5 dogs and raise orphaned lambs when required. Having grown up in the city, I certainly feel fortunate with the space we have and the beautiful scenery that comes with it. My daughter Hailey is about to commence year 7 at Gladstone High and my son Thomas will start year 5 at Laura Primary. Both of them are excited to return to school this year as they both have new teachers they are looking forward to having. 

I worked in Port Pirie for 15 years at Risdon Park PS (absolutely loved it) mainly teaching year 6/7 students but also experienced a few varied leadership roles over that time. Since 2016, I have had leadership roles in the DfE. In 2017/2018 I worked from regional office supporting teachers and realised I really missed being around the students, so applied for and was lucky enough to win my first tenured principal job at Crystal Brook PS starting in 2019. 

I spent 3 fabulous years at CBPS where I was able to work alongside some great educators and was fortunate so see our schools results grow (some rather significantly – the yr 1 phonics screen results grew 75% in those 3 years) but more importantly, see the teachers grow professionally in their knowledge of how to better support students and to see that reflect in the students learning as a result. I have already warned the teachers at JCS to expect me to pop into classes for no other reason than to be back in there with the students – that is the biggest part of this job I miss. I will share the year 8 homegroup class and am excited to meet them, so that is a bonus. 

In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, mainly Netball, Basketball and Football and seeing what might be on Netflix when time allows. Running around after my children and their sports keeps me busy enough, but I do enjoy it. I’m Adelaide Crows over the others and during the local netty/footy season we are a Southern Flinders Tigers family. For the 2022 season, I’m stepping back from the club but previously have played and coached A grade and various grades in between right down to the subbies. I’m looking forward to just “rocking up” on Saturdays without all of the extras for 1 year and being a mum only. 

I wish everyone all the best in these C-19 times. Stay safe and look after each other and I look forward to meeting many of you as the year passes. 

Warm Regards, Kelly Zwar 

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