Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Accuvein Tracklight

With a combined effort from JAMESTOWN HEARTBEAT, LION’S AND APEX CLUBS and the Estate of the late Rod Doyle via NEIL GEORGE we have purchased a machine that will find the tiniest veins in any person, be it a child, teenager or adult for all sorts of medical purposes. The machine was demonstrated to our group of representatives by Dr Simon Jackson and we found it to be fascinating and very easy to use, showing all veins. The Doctors and Nursing Staff of the Hospital are very pleased to have this device as it makes their jobs easier and less invasive, plus not so traumatic as it sometimes is, trying to find veins. 

At the presentation on Wed 23rd June, 2021 Ben Lehmann – Apex | Yvonne & Keith Woidt – Lions Maureen Growden & Julie Holmes – Heartbeat and Doctor Simon Jackson An apology from Neil George, unable to attend. 
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