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Back to Belalie Cricket Bash

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2021 is the 150th year since Jamestown was founded in 1871 and the J150 committee is busy organising the first celebratory event for March 20th. This is the “Back to Belalie Cricket Bash” which aims to get former Belalie Cricket Association players and their families together for an afternoon of fun and entertainment, as well as to reminisce over the last 50 years of cricket in the Jamestown District. Many of these former cricketers are now spread all over the country and it is expected that many will return for the celebrations. The Tennis grand final and presentations will also be held at Victoria Park , being an added attraction to former residents and particularly sporting families returning to Jamestown for the weekend.

The format of the Cricket day will involve three 8 over, 8 a side games between the six former clubs. These sides will cover every age group from under 18’s, through to 50+ former players and club legends, with commentators adding to the atmosphere. Interviews with former players and club legends will be interspersed through the afternoon, which will no doubt relive some of the highlights of the last 50 years, on and off the field!

Adding to the occasion, is that the event is to share the day and venue with the Jamestown Show Farmers Day on Victoria Park. The Farmers Day has been brought about as a show related event in leu of the agricultural events and Sunday evening entertainment that normally happen at the Jamestown Show on the October long weekend. Due to COVID restrictions this was unable to go ahead and the committee felt this was a great way to bring everyone together for the day.

Saturday morning members from the farming community are invited to attend Victoria Park from 10am where you will be able to speak with a  range of industry experts, including Dr Emily Buddle from 11am-12pm speaking about farm biosecurity and animal health to provide quality, safe meat and wool products. Heiniger will be available from 10am -12pm for any service and maintenance requirements on Heiniger products, including Evo handpiece servicing/maintenance. The morning will finish with a BBQ lunch and chance to network before the cricket kicks off.

There will be activities and entertainment for the whole family, including the kids and the kids at heart. Bring a pocket full of gold coins, to join in the fundraising games on Saturday night. Test your skills in the egg throwing competition, step the distance, bowl the stump and other fun activities.

Saturday evening will include Twilight Markets from 5pm – 8pm . Please contact June Swearse on 0407 326 198, if you wish to have a stall at the event. There will be food and full bar facilities available throughout the day and into the evening. Live Music from local artists, John O’Dea, and Jack Walton from 4pm.

Don’t forget to register via the website to help us make this a Covid safe event!

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