Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bundaleer Forest Picnic Ground’s Nature Play Space

Bundaleer Forest Picnic Ground’s Nature Play Space is proving very popular with local and visiting children and their parents and carers.

The play space has evolved gradually throughout the past 18 months and now features a number of exciting and interactive playground pieces.

BFCAA wishes to extend a huge thank you to the organisations and individuals who have made this first stage of the Bundaleer Nature Play Space a reality.

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal came on board as our first funding partner.

FRRR showed enormous faith in the newly formed community group in 2017, allocating a $5000 grant to enable installation of a giant interactive xylophone, a Goblin Cubby, a mud kitchen, and a giant basket swing.

This project was completed some time ago and kids are loving these nature play pods – making mud pies, playing games of make believe, creating tunes together on the xylophone, wanting to go just a bit higher on the swing, and interacting with each other and with the beautiful natural environment that is Bundaleer.

A giant tree fort has also been built, with plans underway for addition of a slippery dip, fireman’s pole cargo nets and a log scramble as additional funds are raised.

The Tree Fort has been made possible by Ram and Ewe Ball and the AGL Hallett Wind Farm Community Fund.

A big thank you to the local groups and individuals who provided cash donations and hundreds of hours of in-kind labour to help make our nature play space an awesome space for kids to play. This included Jamestown’s Apex Club, Jamestown Lions Club, Clare Building Supplies, Tim and Jessie Hammat, Trev and Tracy Koch, Tim and Raelene Flannery, Neil George, Glenn and Lyn Hammat, Rory, Sam and Mitch Catlin, Keith Woidt, Greg and Deb Boston, Pete and Jack Kitschke, Richard Daley and Dave Lehmann.

BFCAA is also extremely grateful to our quid pro quo nature playground designer advisor Simon Hutchinson, Climbing Tree Design.

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