Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Cate joins the Seven Year Itch to fight Cancer

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Jamestown’s Cate Pearce unfortunately knows too well the grief and pain that comes from Cancer. She lost her best friend to Bladder Cancer, her cousin passed away from Melanoma Cancer aged 41, her Dad and Brother (aged 59) both passed away from Prostate Cancer, her mother and sister have recovered from Breast Cancer and 12 months ago Cate had her own battle fighting Breast Cancer.

Cate wanted to do something to acknowledge her own battles and to help raise awareness and money to help fight the disease.

Cate’s friend Tiffany Carter has attended 6 out of the 7 Marilyn Jetty Swim’s since it’s inception in 2014.

After seeing Tiffany’s enthusiasm Cate decided she wanted to be part of this great thing as well, and on Sunday Feb 2nd, 2020 Cate took the plunge (literally) and did her first Marilyn Jetty Swim.

The Marilyns are a group of bold, fabulous women (and men!) who take part in the Brighton Jetty Classic, swimming or paddling 400m around the Brighton jetty every February – all dressed head to toe as the favourite 50s icon, Marilyn Monroe all to raise money for Cancer Council SA. The event has raised over $400,000 since it began in 2014. Now in it’s 7th year!

Cate’s experience has given her a new perspective on her emotional journey through the scars of the past. She is still raising money for the Councer Council SA and you can find her money tins at Foodland and Hair on Ayr. She would appreciate all you can give, and is keen to gather a team of Local Marilyn’s to take part. If you are interested in donning on the wig and sunnies and giving it a go, then drop in to Hair on Ayr and ask Cate all about it, or visit the website www.themarilyns.org

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