Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dr Palmer’s Doctorate

Dr Jodie Palmer, youngest daughter of Clive & Sarena Palmer, has just received her doctorate for “Analysis of On-Court Exercise Intensity to Improve Performance in professional Basketball Using 3D Microtechnology”. “Dr Palmer used accelerometers to measure on-court activity intensity and physical fatigue in basketball. She found that match demands differ between player roles and season periods, and that residual neuromuscular fatigue can influence on-court activity intensity. These findings can be used to improve training prescription and fatigue monitoring in basketball and may be applied to other sports.” Jodie commenced her tertiary education at Adelaide University earning a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Sports). She then moved to The University of Western Australia in Perth for her Masters in Sports Science. Finding work in her chosen field was difficult so she accepted a scholarship to do research for a PHD at La Trobe University in Bendigo. She studied in Bendigo for three years starting in 2019 and then moved to Melbourne and continued her research and analysis remotely for the last two years. Currently Jodie is working with the AFL programme at Old Scotch Football Club, The Oakleigh Chargers football team, Camberwell Grammar and Forest Hill College in Melbourne where she resides. Clive and Sarena attended the graduation in Bendigo last Monday with Jodie’s sister Alyse and Jodie’s partner Ashley. Over 250 graduates received Masters & Bachelors degrees at the ceremony, while Jodie was one of six Doctorates awarded. La Trobe University, one of the first established in Australia is celebrating 150 years which made the occasion extra special. 

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