Thursday, April 25, 2024


We are excited and relieved to say we have made it through our first year of running Jeff Rowe Transport as our own. 2021 was a big
year for the company and our families, as it saw Jeff and Megan fully retire and we bought the business from them.
As we have made the one year milestone, we would really like to acknowledge and thank a few people. Firstly to Jeff and Megan for the opportunity, and for creating the business and jobs over 20 years ago. We will always be grateful.
To our wonderful loyal customers that have supported JRT for many years, we are so grateful for you placing your trust in us to support your businesses for all these years. To our newer customers that have recently come on board, we thank you and are looking forward to working with you.
To our brilliant team of drivers and administration staff, we are so grateful to be surrounded by such a reliable, hardworking team.
We truly appreciate our local suppliers that are always on hand to keep our trucks moving around the clock. We feel very priviledged
to live and work in such a supportive and helpful community.
Rhett and Bel Heness.

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