Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Jamestown Apex Activities and Events

• Caltowie Chilled out and Fired up Music Festival. 

• Are you bogged mate presentation with SMB & MNSPN. 

• Mental health first aid training. 

• Lucerne paddock hay and seed production. 

• Boer war memorial Replas bench and seats. 

• In memory bench seats at the cemetery in partnership with the Lions club. 

• Resilience project with the Jamestown Saint James, Jamestown Community Schools. 

• Growing with gratitude with the Gladstone school. 

• BBQ support for the park run program. 

• Bundaleer committee support for a bbq shelter. 

• Jamestown entrance signs in partnership with the Lions club. 

• Jamestown Christmas Pagent. 

• Skate park shelter, bench and seats. 

• Postie bike ride fund raising. 

• Variety SA Bash fund raising support an set up. 

• Vaccination program support.

The Jamestown Apex club would also like to sincerely thank all businesses and individuals for there ongoing support….

Jamestown concrete, Benton general builders, Brett Simpson, Leon Pollard, Chris and Tom Malone, Alf Weaver, Jeff Rowe transport, Ben Joubert, the Northern Areas Council and a big thank you to the Jamestown Lions club for there assistant and support on several Apex club projects.

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