Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Jamestown Community School News

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2020 has brought about an interesting time, with the cancellation of the Royal Adelaide Show, however, the RAHS made the decision to continue with the school competition to encourage student learning and opportunities that come with the Show experience. JCS entered 2 pens of 3 Wethers and 2 steers in the competition this year.

The steers, a South Devon supplied by David and Rochelle Leese, and a Red Poll, supplied by Chris and Danielle Malone, were entered in a ‘Hook’ competition with success. Both steers made it into the Heavy Domestic Class, with Lloyd the Red Poll placing 6th and Harry the South Devon placing 11th out of 21 in the class. This was a great effort, this being the second year in a row that JCS has entered steers into the RAHS steer competitions. Students are excited to continue again next year and hoping to achieve better results again.

In the Merino Wether competition, 6 students along with 2 adults travelled to Adelaide Show Ground to deliver the animals on the 8th of September and attend the competition on the 9th of September. The 2 teams of wethers, supplied by Tim & Lisa Hall and Stacey and Donna Bradtke we had success again this year with one of the teams placing 8th out of 70 in the ‘Pen of Best Three.’ This success was further compounded with Macy Kitschke being selected at one of the 22 students out of 210 to be part of the handlers competition and then taking out first place. Well done Macy!

Overall 2020, while an unusual year, has been successful. A special thank you to the breeders who supplied animals this year and the support of the community who help to push the Agriculture program.

Hayward Paynter

Agriculture Teacher



Our first camp post-COVID-19 restrictions saw the Year 10 class go to Adelaide for a three-day Careers Trip. The student’s questioning and engagement were acknowledged repeatedly as they worked through a myriad of career options, opening their eyes to the field of occupations within each industry.

For those interested in the Arts, we toured through the Festival Theatre and Media Make-Up, with Lachey Stephens being turned into a zombie with the use of make-up effects.

For those looking to get into trade-based careers we had a tour throughout Tonsely Tafe, getting first-hand vision to the range of courses and students who had returned to

face-to-face training. For those contemplating tertiary study, we toured the business and law sector of University of Adelaide and the Engineering and Technology hub for Flinders, located at Tonsley.

The marketing, business and hospitality inclined were treated with taste-testing and career advice throughout the Central Markets and Adelaide Oval. We also had fascinating look at behind the scenes at Michell’s Wool. The student’s completed some orienteering around the CBD which challenged everyone’s directionality and managed to squeeze in some public transport using the impressive new tram system.

The localities visited were delighted to be back having tours and appreciated the eager minds of our students. Their positive, thoughtful, appreciative attitudes were equal highlights of the trip.

Danya McKay

10-12 Coordinator


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