Sunday, July 14, 2024

Jamestown Show – Looking Forward, Looking Back in 2022

Message From the Jamestown Show President – Matt Scharkie

After two very tough years for the Jamestown A. H. & F. Society dealing with the cancellations of both shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finally looking forward to hosting the 146th Jamestown Show. I would once again like to thank the committee for all the effort they have provided throughout these challengin times. Decision making and planning has proven to be difficult at times with day-to-day changes. However, the support and dedication of the committee has been amazing over the last two years.

With all the restrictions easing significantly in South Australia and nationally, the committee has finally become more comfortable to start the planning of the 2022 Show.

Even though we haven’t yet been able to host a show for the past two years, the committee has been extremely busy with some new and exciting projects for the show. Through grant funding from the Federal Government and Northern Areas Council we will be able to unveil our brand-new multi-purpose pavilion which will contain the poultry and wool sections. We are also lucky enough to see the Victoria Park upgrades which will include a large portion of the area sealed.

The 2022 Show will continue to build on the successful 2-day format as per the last two events. The committee are proceeding with our planned theme from the cancelled 2021 show, to commemorate the sesquicentenary (the 150th year) of Jamestown with this year’s theme; “looking forward, looking back”.

Our program will include the Stacey Pavilion events, the Ewe Hogget, Sports Shear, Speed Shear and Wool Handling competitions, the Junior Judging, and of course the ever-popular Sunday night entertainment with the WSB Fireworks Display, live entertainment, and much more.

I would like to acknowledge all our valued members, sponsors, advertisers and donors. It is due to your continued support of the Society that we can pull this amazing event together each year.

Finally, I would like to thank the hard work of our secretary, Amy Hagger, and outgoing treasurer, Stella Sparks and welcome to our new treasurer, Larissa Leslie and this year’s executive committee. As always, thank you to the many volunteers who put in hours of work to make the show a success.

I hope everyone enjoys the 2022 Jamestown Show and we look forward to having you all return again. – Matt Scharkie

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