Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kelly Toyota Celebrating 10 Years @ Boundary Rd, Jamestown

The month of August marks 10 years of Kelly Toyota at the purpose built Showroom and Workshop on Boundary Road.

Kelly Toyota was established in 1980 when Kevin and Des (Blue) Kelly purchased the Toyota business on Cumnock Street
from the Fuller Family. 

Rick joined the business in 1985, followed by Chris in 1986. Blue retired in 2009 followed by Kevin in 2012. 

The business continued to expand and the Cumnock Street premises was no longer adequate, so the decision was made to build a new Showroom and Workshop on Boundary Road.

On Friday 23 August 2013 at 5pm, the showroom and workshop on Cumnock Street closed for business. Then, at 9am on Monday 26 August, the new Showroom and Workshop at Boundary Road opened for business; quite an accomplishment. 

Kym Grover (Sales), and David McCarthy (Auto technician), joined Rick  and Chris as partners in 2023. The rest of the team consists of Mary Daly and Vicki Sparks – Administration, Paul Kelly – Sales, Lyndon Jacka and Alex Barnden – Spare Parts, Joel Porter, Steve Tabone and Jack Rayson – Auto technicians, Conor McCarthy – School Based Apprentice, Ryan Staunton – Car Detailer. 

Rick and Chris would like to thank the team at Kelly Toyota as well as the whole community for supporting the business for the last 43 years. 

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