Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mid North Suicide Prevention Network Sponsor the Jamestown Journal

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The Mid North Suicide Prevention Network is proud to be sponsoring and contributing to this month’s Jamestown Journal.

As a group, the network aims to raise awareness, increase compassionate conversations, and break down the stigma related to mental illness. Within this mission statement, we aim to help the community through difficult times, create opportunities to enhance well-being and support local initiatives that make our town the supportive and engaged place we all want it to be. Community engagement and connection are key in maintaining good well-being.

Community newsletters like the Journal are an integral part of our community as they are a vital system in sharing local information and a means in which to connect with the broader community. Information in the Journal reaches a wide cross section of our public, from the young to the elderly in our town and district. Research has demonstrated that local newsletters are a wonderful way to foster cohesiveness and to promote relevant health related information. By supporting the Journal we are hoping to help foster this sense of connection within our town and district.

Please have a good read of the information provided, courtesy of psychologist, Kirsty Moore, on Coping with the Coronavirus (pg12), a challenge that we are all facing, and find the tips that work best for you!

The Mid North Suicide Prevention Network will continue to support the community as we face the challenges brought by COVID-19, along with the ongoing drought conditions. We trust that you will all stay well, stay connected and support each other in all the wonderful and creative ways that we have already seen around town and district.

By Emma Scharkie

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Last month I really wasn’t sure where the Journal was heading as restrictions had tightened up so much that events were cancelled and businesses were shutting doors and tightening belts. Advertising dropped. Unfortunately there is a considerable cost in the production of the Jamestown Journal and this cost is covered by the amazing people who advertise.

Thanks to the Mid North Suicide Prevention Network who are now financially supporting the production of the Jamestown Journal. This assistance now means that the Journal can be available to all residents in Jamestown and surrounding locations in it’s paper format for the months to come. Thank you also to the community for your advertising support and wonderful stories, keep them coming.

Kind Regards from Tracey Dewell


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