Tuesday, May 21, 2024


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My Bundaleer volunteers have created a fun-filled nature play space in the picnic ground with support and guidance from Climbing Tree Creations.

The tree fort with slides and fireman poles and climbing challenges was completed in time for the June long weekend and has been popular with local and visiting families.

While nature playgrounds may look la natural, the accreditation requirements for safety are rigorous and demanding, and construction is time-consuming and finicky with more than 3000 hours of volunteer time contributed.

A big thank you must go to BFCAA board member Jessie Hammat for leading this project from inception to completion, for persisting through challenge after challenge.

Thanks to our local Apex and Lions clubs, the Ram and Ewe Ball and AGL Hallett Windfarm Community Fund, Richard Porter from AgXrtra and to every single volunteer who contributed in any way to creation of this amazing play space.


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