Thursday, April 25, 2024

Nell celebrated for her fundraising dedication

On Tuesday 22nd August, 11.45am at the Belalie Lodge Nell Shane was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by members of the Jamestown RSL Sub Branch…

Nell Nora Shane is a 96 year old member of Jamestown RSL Sub Branch, and has been actively involved with the RSL for over quite a number of years. She is a well respected member of the Jamestown community and volunteers to do collections for a number of charities within the local area.

Over the past several years she has volunteered to do collections on behalf of the RSL including the “Poppy Appeal”, Legacy, and Anzac Day Appeals.

With the help of other members of the RSL she sets up a table outside the local Foodland store and will sit there all day collecting money and conversing with members of the community. Other members of the RSL do shifts to help out and keep her company, and the only break she takes during the day is usually just for lunch. She will start at 0830hrs and stay until 1630hrs. If the weather is bad she will move her table inside the Foodland store and continue to raise money.

Over the past two years alone she has managed to raise in excess of $700 for each of these appeals, and that’s from a community population of about 1,400 people. 

As you can imagine the members of the Jamestown RSL Sub Branch are extremely proud and honoured to have such a dedicated member in our branch and it is for this reason I, as President, have presented Nell this Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Jamestown RSL Sub Branch..

Thank You and Lest We Forget.

Terry Pickard-Clark – President – Jamestown RSL Sub Branch.

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