Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Northern Areas Council Notice of Proposed Works

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A proposal has been received by council from a community group – The Local Government Act 1999 Section 198 requires a level of public consultation on certain matters concerning Community Land and Community Land Management Plans.

The parcel of land proposed for the installation of the Labyrinth is situated between Dunure Terrace, Cockburn Road, South Terrace and King Edward Terrace. The exact location is presently grassed. Within a hundred metres in one direction is the skate park and within a hundred metres in another direction is a shelter structure and the remnants of a conifer tree maze.

The land is described as Title: CR5408566, A1373 APEX Park and is subject to Councils Land Management Plan 6, Recreation Grounds and Public Parks. Purposes for which this type of land is held are:

Provision of recreation grounds and public parks which add to the general amenity of the area and are available for use by the community.

The Objectives, Policies and Proposals relating to Plan 6 with respect to Reserve Infrastructure are:

To provide reserve infrastructure which may include but is not limited to shelters, bins, benches, signage, lighting, monuments etc for the benefit of members of the public.

The proposed use is considered to be consistent with the Management Plan Objectives, Policies and Proposals.

Details of the proposed installation can be found on Council’s website or front counter of the Jamestown Office.

Council is inviting comment via email (admin@nacouncil.sa.gov. au), letter or by phone (8664 1139) on the proposed feature through to the end of October.


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