Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Our Town Rocks

Our nerves have been shaken in Jamestown with many seismological events taking place since December 2023, but especially throughout the April  13th – 25th time line.  Quakes almost seemed like a daily occurrence, with a particularly nasty 4.2 earthquake on Wednesday April 17th at approx 4pm that had an epicentre near Smart Road, Belalie North.

The 4.2 quake had a depth of just  5km which is extremely shallow and quick resulting in some extensive damage to older structures.

Double storey businesses in the main street felt the brunt of the Wednesday quake. Damien from The Commercial Hotel said “the damage to our hotel was primarily in the upstairs rooms with cracks in walls. There is one room that  is currently unusable due to ceiling instability”.

The Wednesday event resulted in many social media posts with remarks describing damage to houses and business in the local area. 

Joy Crawford posted the closing of the Belalie Art Gallery for 24 hours until council had been able to inspect the building. Thankfully the damage is internal only, “there was quite a lot of plaster that had fallen from the walls inside and some new cracks have appeared. Thankfully the artworks were all still hanging with no damage” said Joy.

Jessie Eates, a librarian from the Jamestown Community Library was working on Wednesday when the quake came through. “Books fell from the displays” she said “I wasn’t sure how long the quake would last and if it would get any worse”. This was the first time Jessie had ever experienced an earthquake and she found it quite an unnerving experience.

The impact was felt by surrounding towns as far away as Laura, Booleroo Centre, Peterborough and as far south as Clare and Gawler, and even a few reports in Adelaide.

We’ve had a series of aftershocks resulting from the 4.2 quake
and when they come through it is safe to say, many of us are getting nervous, especially those in dwellings who have already acquired some damage. At the time of printing this article, we’d had eleven 1.6 magnitude or stronger shakes, includes a 2 M tremor at 5.57pm on Thursday 25th April South of Jamestown on RM Williams Way (not shown on the map). Let’s hope that’s the end of this story for now! 

 By Tracey Dewell 

Jamestown Journal

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