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Dec 2023 – Page 3 QUILTING | CRAFT SUPPLIES SEWING NEEDS & MUCH MORE PHONE 08 8664 1511 80 Ayr St, Jamestown SA 5491 Please take care and travel safely over the holidays! We will be closing from 11.30am Sat Dec 23rd & re-opening on Mon 15th Jan at 10am PETER LEHMANN – OVER 50 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THE CFS Congratulations to Peter Lehmann who was recently awarded a 50 year volunteer service medallion by Region 4 staff at a small ceremony in Gladstone for his contribution to the CFS. About Peter’s Service History:
• Service Start Date: 21/11/1971
• Total Service Years: 51 years 11 months
• Service Ranks Held: Brigade Lieutenant 2 (24/11/1982 – 16/08/1992, 31/08/2022 – present), Brigade Lieutenant 1 (17/08/1992 – 30/08/2020), Brigade Lieutenant 3 (31/08/2020 – 30/08/20222)
• Service Positions Held: Strike Team Leader (30/09/2018), Sector Commander (11/04/2017) and CFS Instructor (01/10/2023). 

When asked about his time in the CFS, Peter said “it’s been a wonderful experience, I’ve helped to fight 3 fires in other states as well the Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island fires. Peter said “the CFS is an organisation that welcomes all types of people who are interested in protecting their community”. Peter got involved early in communications and in his time has made trips to the APY lands doing various types of work in his role in communications. He said “the comradery and friendship in the organisation is really great, people in the CFS back each other up well, and there is great cooperation between members”. Peter encourages everyone to consider joining an emergency services volunteer role. Peter is also a fire investigator for rural fires. If you are interested in learning more about what a CFS role may include please visit: https://www.cfs. 

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