Tuesday, May 21, 2024


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The Show committee understand the importance of continuing to run a local show in our region especially coming off the back of a drought and hardship caused by COVID-19 restrictions. Chairperson Matt Scharkie, Vice Chairperson James Moore and the show sponsorship team are looking forward to visiting local businesses soon to offer sponsorship and business advertising opportunities for this year’s show. The plan is to promote local businesses creating facebook video promotions, prior to the show, then electronically displayed during the show weekend. Last year’s facebook promotions were an outstanding success with a major increase in traffic to the Jamestown Show facebook page. The committee hopes this will boost our town’s appeal and business takings in the lead up the show and beyond. Businesses will also be encouraged to come on board to hold a trade site at this year’s show for self promotion, with discounts being discussed. As an add on to the already fantastic Sheep and Wool events, the committee are working towards a NORTHERN AG SPECIAL SELECTION RAM SALE. This event will continue to happen even if the show can not. It will give our local studs a great opportunity (in light of other cancelled opportunities) to promote and sell their Rams. There is already a fair amount of interest from local stud operators to participate and the show committee are excited that show goers will be able to partake in another great country experience. The very first AWI Shearing School took place this Monday 1st June at the Heineger Shearer Training Centre, built as part of the Jamestown Show committee’s 2019 Show year commitment. It is a great to see the versatile facility being used for training purposes. The Sheep and Wool Committee members tidied up the facilities, prior to the event, and installed hand washing facilities to keep safety in mind. Precautions were put in place to ensure everything was in line with COVID-19 regulations. Well done to all!


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