Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Silver to Sea Way Update

Following the old narrow gauge railway line from Port Pirie to Broken Hill, the Silver to Sea Way route passes through Jamestown. This project is not just about preserving local heritage places, but also about telling the stories of the region. As such, we’re hoping to grow our community engagement program. If you’ve got an idea about how a local Jamestown community group might benefit from, or work alongside, the Silver to Sea Way project, please reach out to Bridgette at bridgettewc@nationaltrustsa.org.au or (08) 8202 9200 ext. 242. 

Works at the Peterborough Roundhouse are progressing well, with the Roundhouse now free from asbestos. To see some of the progress made, take a look at the fantastic image below that was taken by Mike Adler, Project Manager, McMahons Services, late last month. Over the coming weeks, before the majority of the timber repairs begin, McMahons Services will be undertaking a range of concreting and propping works. At this stage, it is anticipated that the works schedule will be completed before Easter. 

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