Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Silver to Sea Way

The Silver to Sea Way follows the old narrow gauge railway line from Port Pirie to Broken Hill, passing through Jamestown on its way. The project is investing in preserving some of the region’s unique heritage places, and is committed to delivering real economic and social benefits to the towns along the route. 

Last week, McMahon Services began work onsite at the Peterborough Roundhouse. Over the coming months, McMahon Services will be removing asbestos from the site, reroofing both the Roundhouse and the Rear Shed, as well as replacing a number of timber beams and columns. At this stage, it is anticipated that the works schedule will be completed before Easter. 

In addition to the conservation projects taking place along the route, the Silver to Sea Way boasts of two digital media projects too. The stories of the region will be brought to life through interactive Augmented Reality experiences, as well as a range of night-time projections. Likewise, we will be regularly engaging with the local community to make sure that we’re telling the story of Jamestown and the railway in a way that you want to be heard. 

The Silver to Sea Way team send you their best wishes for the festive season! 

If you have any questions about the Silver to Sea Way, please contact Allison on 0416 139 848 or arussell@nationaltrustsa.org.au. 

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