Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who came to our assistance in our hour of need on Friday 16th February, after our accident on Wilkins Highway approximately 10km from Hallett.

After 13 months on the road and only three weeks from home, our epic journey came to a sudden halt when the rear driver’s side wheel came off the car and all control was lost.

The care, compassion, help, support and guidance from the Jamestown community was beyond overwhelming.

As we stood on the highway, miraculously unharmed, looking at the devastation before us, wondering what to do next, a big green truck pulled up and out stepped Luke Clark. After checking we were both ok, he called the relevant response crews, organized accommodation and stayed with us until we left the scene, returning later to our villa to check if we had settled in ok.

So many ‘Heroes’ to thank – apologies if we have missed any.

Luke Clark – as mentioned above, also arranged the use of his Dad’s ute and checked on our welfare each day. A big thanks to Denis also.

Nathan Paskett – the lovely, caring, town policeman who stayed with us at the crash site, dropped us to our accommodation and returned an hour later to take us shopping for a few essentials.

Sonya Paynter and her offsider Kali – the ambulance officers who attended.  Thankfully we didn’t need their services.

Greg – the closest local to the scene who fetched his trailer so we could salvage some of our belongings.

SES and CFS crews who made the highway safe by controlling passing traffic, especially Brandon, who helped retrieve a lot of our possessions from the wreckage.

Tim – a local from nearby Hallett who offered accommodation if needed.

Ali Cooper – all round lovely girl who assisted with accommodation and transport around town.

Justin Turner and Rose from Hunt’s Crash Repairs for their towing services.

Mark Hale who brought his Manitou forklift to help turn the wreck over.

Nathan Richards who did the roadside cleanup. He returned two days later with a few of our things that he’d recovered.

Worthy of mention also, other beautiful townsfolk who were so friendly and supportive:

John Batten, the local newsagent.

Lyn John, who very kindly found travel bags for our flight back to Perth.

Shelley and Rob McKenzie at the Railway Hotel – fabulous hosts.

Elaine at Charlenes Quilting and Patchwork store.  

Rhett Heness at Jeff Rowe Transport, Katrina in the office and the two ‘Dave’ truck drivers at Jeff Rowe Transport for sorting our freight needs and transport via Adelaide to Perth.

Tim Thomson the very friendly and generous owner of the Commercial Hotel.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. Our traumatic ordeal and the following few days were made so much easier by this wonderful community.

Counting our blessings.
God bless you all.
Erica and Mal Pearson.
Perth WA

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