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You are an IronMan! Our Lyn Humphris

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“You are an IRONMAN”

The words used for only those who complete a Race of 3.8k Swim /180k Bike/42.2k Run.
I did this on 1st December 2019. Here’s my day…

The alarm went off at 3:30am. I arrived at dark o’clock to pump up my bike tires and put my liquid nutrition in place. I did a quick run warm up- yes a warm up to get the body ready for the long day.  I squeezed into my wet suit – it’s very tight, and followed others down to the beach just as dawn was breaking. Music was playing, the crowd gathering. We all waited on the sand wondering what the day would bring. I re ran the advise in my head  from my coach Aaron Buchan. Then the cannons went off. 2×2 we ran under the ironman arch to enter the crystal blue waters surrounding the Bustleton jetty. I had a great swim, drafting where I could. I felt strong, and the swim went really well.

swim time 1:16:06

Out of the water we had a long run of 200 m into the changing tents where a lady helped pull off the wetsuit in 2 seconds flat!, then slapped me with sunscreen and I was on my way.

I remembered the row and number of my bike in amongst thousands of others and started the 180km bike ride.  I sipped every 15 minutes to keep my hydration up. The coast views were lovely but the sun beat down.  The dappled shade in the forest was very welcoming. My legs kept turning.  The road seemed endless, but more interesting than my 5-7 hour rides back home. It was getting hot I could feel it on my back and  we had to deal with a hot headwind at times but I made it through, some didn’t.

Bike: 6:34:17

I was so glad to get off the bike and hand it to a volunteer. My legs were over cycling but were they ready for a 42 k run??

Back to the change tent to swap shoes. And I sat there for just a minute in the shade.

By now the sun was really hot there was no breeze. My plan to run and only walk through the aid stations wasn’t suitable. I found I had to walk a lot more to keep my heart rate down. I put ice down my front and was eager to get squirted with water by the local kids.  the crowds were amazing they cheered and called out wonderful things to keep you going.  There were lots of high-fives, cowbells, cheering and even music at times. And a little girl skipped along side of me saying how great I was doing. We chatted for a while as I ran. I hope I have encouraged her to follow her dreams.

As the sun went down we were all given glow sticks to wear and flood lights lit the way. along the esplanade. I set small goals to run between the flood lights and then walk a bit.  By now my legs were aching so much, and I wanted to stop. However, I pushed on. I really wanted to finish too. The crowds continued to urge us on.

The finishing shoot is truly amazing and emotional. The red carpet, the flags, the bright lights in my eyes, the thumping music and the commentary is the pinnacle of the race. I had surge of extra energy to run down and cross that finish line – and to hear those wonderful words “Lyn Humphris You are an IronMan

Run: 6:02:26 :      Total 14:15:20

by Lyn Humphris


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